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Trial Exhibit 13 from Tashakori v. Lakis, 196 Cal. App. 4th 1003 (2011) and related photographs.

Trial Exhibit 13:

Please click here for a larger PDF version of this map.

The Area in red on Exhibit 13 is the disputed access area.  It is separated from the Lakis property by a fence and there is no access over the red area to the Lakis property.  This can be seen in the following two photographs.

These are pictures of the disputed red-brick driveway area.  It is the same area as the area in red on Trial Exhibit 13.  The house at the top of the driveway, behind the thick ivy and the chain link fence, is the Lakis property.  The easement area is completely separated from the Lakis property, and the Lakises would never have any reason or ability to use the driveway.

Exhibit and photographs provided by Kenneth Martin at Snyder Law, LLP.