A Message from SBCBA President Michael Denver
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It truly is an honor to serve as the 2017 President of the Santa Barbara County Bar Association. Along with Past President, James Griffith, and my fellow Officers, Jeff Chambliss, Amber Holderness and Elizabeth Diaz, I will work hard to ensure that 2017 will be another great year for the Bar, with ample opportunities for continuing education, professional networking and personal growth.

We will kick off the year with the annual Bench & Bar Conference in January. Board members Eric Berg and Joe Billings have worked very hard to make this year’s Conference a memorable one. They have put together a solid slate of presenters on a wide variety of topics. Practitioners of all sorts will find what they need course-wise at this year’s Conference. To top it off, the 2017 edition of the Conference is being held in our very own and truly spectacular Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Please join us for what promises to be a very special day.
The year will be chock-full of great events, including the famous BBO, the Golf and Tennis Tournament and the Annual Dinner, to name just a few. The work required to crank out these enjoyable functions is substantial. The effort is largely shouldered by the Bar’s outstanding Executive Director, Lida Sideris. We are very lucky to have her!
In addition to tackling the Bench & Bar Conference, Eric Berg has taken over as Editor of the Santa Barbara Lawyer. He steps into the shoes of outgoing editor James Sweeney who consistently provided us with high quality content in 2016. The bar is set high for Eric, but he is up to the challenge. The magazine is in very good hands in 2017.
We are truly blessed to live and work in beautiful Santa Barbara. Our Bar Association is undeniably
special. The hardworking Board Members are a big part of the reason why our Michael Denver
Association is so special. The Board consistently demands and provides excellence in our social gatherings and educational events. Each and every one of the Board Members is committed to making Santa Barbara’s legal community the best it can be. I am honored to work with my fellow Board Members, who are:
President-elect: Jeff Chambliss
Secretary: Amber Holderness
Chief Financial Officer: Elizabeth Diaz
Past President: Jim Griffith
Leticia Anguiano
Eric Berg
Joe Billings
Michael Brelje
Larry Conlan
Brian Cota
Jennifer Duffy
Stephen Dunkle
Elvia Garcia
Jeff Soderborg
Elizabeth Vogt
Tim Metzinger, Sue McCollum, Donna Lewis, Tom Hinshaw,
Katy Graham, Jim Griffith
2017 will be a very exciting year for our Bar. I want to
reiterate what an honor it is to serve as the 2017 President. I
will work hard to ensure the County Bar Association has another
great year. See you at the Bench & Bar Conference!